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Be part of a legacy to save the cheetah.

As parents we juggle our lives between our jobs, homes, marriage and children, and arguably our children and their future is where the difficult decisions tend to surface. Schooling, extra mural activities, college or university and then hopefully after all this they are able to settle into a good home and have a good job. Then our life insurance, of course we need to make sure when we are gone that our children are financially stable.

I speak for myself when I say that I want to leave more than financial stability for my daughter, I want to leave a legacy behind for her. Money and homes don’t last but legacies carry over from generation to generation. Our legacy will be that one day our great grandchildren will be proud to say that their great grandparents made sure they are still able to see a cheetah in the wild.

Now many of you might think this sounds a bit farfetched, but actually it’s possible for everyone to leave a legacy like this behind. By simply supporting the correct organisation you can ensure this for your futureBe generation. But I must make it very clear that you need to support the right organisation. Many places have cheetahs, lions and other endangered animals in captivity and many of them do really good work, but as an average these are no more that private zoos. These animals will live and die in captivity. Many of these places claim to rewild animals into the wild, and some do. Some simply don’t have the space or the skills to achieve this. But do your research and make sure that who you support will carry out what they preach. The disappointment you will experience when you find out that your time and money is going to waste will be overwhelming. Your grandchildren should not need to visit a zoo to see your legacy, they should see it where it belongs, in the wild. Many of you might want to leave just such a legacy but not for your children but for all children, and I think this is how we should see it. I dread to be part of a generation that failed a species. Could you face the guilt of knowing that you had the time and means to save an animal from extinction, but simply stood on the side line and watched it disappear. Could you face your grandchildren when they ask you “what did a cheetah look like?”

This is sadly a very real possibility, and for us this is not an option. Get active, start building you legacy, and start saving a specie today. It won’t cost you a college fund or a down payment on a home, simply a small monthly donation or alike will save a species of your choice. Cheetahs are on the brink of extinction and the only viable solution is to breed them responsibly, rewild and release these magnificent animals back into the wild. Could you possibly comprehend the feeling of supporting one of these cats from birth all the way through its growing years to the point where you are able to see her in the wild with her own cubs, the feeling of what you are witnessing is due to your support. Not many things in life are able to bring that deep feeling of joy and gratitude to your life as being part of this journey. This is the goal Running Wild Conservation is striving to achieve and with your help not only can we reach this goal but also help you build your very own legacy.

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