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Volunteer With Cheetahs

A once in a lifetime experience

Join us for an unforgettable few weeks under the African sun and amongst the endangered cheetah, 
a species close to extinction, and close to our hearts.  If you have always wanted to see South Africa 
and be involved with conserving one of Africa's most graceful cats, this is the place for you. 

Running Wild Conservation's volunteer program will give you the opportunity to work with these magnificent 
animals while contributing to real conservation efforts to save the cheetah from going extinct in the wild. 
Your involvement and help will assist us to ensure the survival of the species for generations to come. 
This project is unique in that you will actively help to save the endangered cheetah by getting involved in one 
of the most exciting Cheetah projects in South Africa.  The only project ever breeding with cheetah for the 
sole purpose of releasing. We are not trading with any of our animals, they are meant for more, to be free 
and wild again, as they are supposed to be! Many of the cheetahs bred, raised and trained to survive in wild by

us, are already now living a free life in protected reserves.

Our main focus is breeding and releasing cheetah (including other smaller endangered cat species) back into 
the wild to supplement the current dwindling population. At our sanctuary we also take care of injured, old 
and orphaned animals that cannot be released. We also work towards the rescue and repatriation of older or 
mistreated cheetahs from zoos all over the globe and offer these animals a deserved semi freedom in their 
final years.  With many years of experience and knowledge of these animals we have developed a unique 
strategy and program to successfully breed and reintroduce cheetahs back into the wild.  


Our facility is only 70 miles from OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, nestled near the foothills of 
the Magaliesburg Mountain Range, close to the famous Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site.

This project is unique in that you will actively help to save the endangered cheetah by getting involved in one 
of the most exciting cheetah projects in South Africa, where our aim is solely to release cheetahs back into 
the wild, where they belong! Our aim is also to enlighten you in the true conservation efforts done in terms of 
rehabilitation and release of captive animals with added skills in animal husbandry.
At Running Wild, it is all about the animals. We believe in the rights and protection of animals.  

Our project is home to a variety of wild but captive kept animals such as lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals,

even the mischievous meerkats and more. We also provide a home to any other animal that cannot be released back into the wild, as well as a “day care” for animals that were abandoned, injured, traumatized, in need of care, support, medical attention and a forever home. We strive to make life as normal as possible for animals by ensuring their happiness and well being. 

We offer you an opportunity to work with the animals and gain valuable experience in daily animal care and spending time with the animals to learn more about their behavior and special needs. You also get the opportunity to unwind in the beautiful mountainous surroundings with the sound of a lion roaring in the 

1st May 2023 – 30st April 2024

1 x Week   –   $770    -  € 730  

2 x Weeks –   $1410  -  € 1340 

3 x Weeks –   $2060  -  € 1950 

4 x Weeks –   $2680  -  € 2550 

5 x Weeks –   $3280  -  € 3100

6 x Weeks –   $3850  -  € 3650

7 x Weeks –   $4440  -  € 4220

8 x Weeks –   $4950  -  € 4700


1st May 2024 – 30st April 2025

1 x Week    -   $840    -   € 810  

2 x Weeks –   $1550   -   € 1510 

3 x Weeks –   $2200  -   € 2140 

4 x Weeks –   $2950  -   € 2910 

5 x Weeks –   $3590  -   € 3530 

6 x Weeks –   $4220  -   € 4180

7 x Weeks –   $4880  -   € 4830  

8 x Weeks –   $5450  -   € 5400

Accommodation, 3 meals per day at the project, laundry
, WIFI & safari drives on the property.

Flights, excursions & meals during excursions, transport to & from airport, drinks, snacks, gratuities, etc.


Volunteer, student & intern accommodation : 
Five new log cabins surrounding the lodge & close to the animal camps. 
Each cabin consists of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, which will be shared by max 4 volunteers. 
Each room will accommodate 2 volunteers. If you are lucky, you could have the room to yourself. 
The cabin has a small lounge, kitchen & bathroom. 
Males and females are separate in sharing rooms. 
Pay R250 per day extra and secure your own private room.


Project booking details:

Arrival date                                  :  Monday mornings for arrivals 
Departure date                            :  Monday evenings for departures                                                                                                                                
Our Location                                :  Magaliesburg region, North West Province, South Africa                                                                                                                      
Closest international airport    :  OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg
Transport to & from project     :  A private shuttle will collect you at the airport & take you back
Minimum stay                             :  1 week
Maximum stay                            :  8 weeks 
Requirements to book               :  Basic level of competency in English to communicate with owners & staff                                                                                                                       An interest in the ethical conservation of wildlife 


You have to arrive on a Monday morning before 12am ánd depart on a Monday afternoon after 5pm which will streamline the transfer logistics of shuttle transports. The cost of the shuttle is normally between $40 - $80 per trip. 

You will pay the driver directly but the project will arrange your transport & send you the details a few days prior to arrival




Breakfast    :     Cereals, fruit, eggs, toast and spreads.                                          
Lunch          :     Noodles, omeletes, salads, toasted sandwiches, wraps, etc.
Dinner         :     A hot meal will be served every night such as a traditional BBQ, pastas, casseroles, salads and meats etc.                                                                                                     

Ingredients for breakfast & lunch will be available in the lodge kitchen, you will prepare your own breakfast & 
lunch, while dinner will be prepared by us.

Everyone will have dinner together at the main lodge, only a few meters away from your cabin.

Tea and coffee will be available at any time in the lodge. 
All other drinks & snacks will be at your own expense, although tap water is safe to drink. 
Our meal portion sizes are normal, if snacks are desired for in between eating, please purchase some groceries prior to arrival or when we go into town, volunteers will have the chance to go with.  
There will also be a fridge available for your personal food and drinks.  
Please advise us prior to arrival of any dietary needs (e.g. if you are vegetarian or have any allergies). 
Vegans will have an additional charge of R500 ($
27 - €25) per week for our additional cooking.


Laundry :
There is a laundry room where our cleaning staff will take care of your washing once a week, free of charge.

Volunteers will work 5.5 days per week. Saturdays or Sundays are generally your day off and will give you a chance to settle into the conservancy or go on nearby excursions. Thursday mornings are also your off time to spend as you wish. 
Please note that this routine is kept as best as possible, however, working with animals sometimes requires a flexible schedule. 

Please contact us now and get more information about

your dream working holiday to South Africa   

Below you will find some fun and work photos from our previous volunteers:

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