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We currently have 9 cheetah at our project, as well as African Wild Cat, Caracals, Servals, an albino porcupine, and meerkats as well as 3 rescued lions. In April 2016 we rescued 3 lion cubs from the canned hunting industry. They were only 3 weeks old when we saw them in a small wire crate at a property. They were being hand raised while their mother was already busy mating again. They have grown into beautiful big lions now and we will offer them a forever home with Running Wild Conservation, where they will be protected from the cruel hunting and exploiting industry.  


Our Rescued Lions

While out searching for a game farm to purchase for our project, we came across 3 little lion cubs. Bred for the bullet. A commodity. Cute breathing little dollars. In a small little cage. Big, shiny innocent eyes staring at us. Paws trying to push through the wire cage. Trying to get to me. A third one was sleeping, mobility in the cage is limited. What struck me was the fact that they were content. They didnt expect any better. They didnt demand freedom. They didnt demand to be outside in the sun. They were content because they trusted. Two weeks ago they lost their mom, alive. The mom is still alive. 3 Weeks after giving birth, she is already busy mating. She is the proverbial golden goose. She satisfies the hunters. She satisfies the lion male. Everyone is happy except her. She is still mourning the loss of her latest litter. Hoping that after this mating she might get the opportunity to be a real lion mom. Caring for her young, protecting them from the outside world, teaching them to be brave, to be social animals, to share, to respect, to groom, to stalk, to hunt and ultimately to kill. 
Needless to say, we were not interested in buying this game farm for various reasons. I can still picture the adult and sub adult lions running towards the electrified fence to greet us with loving trust. Oblivious to their final cruel destiny. Canned lion hunting will claim another poor soul. Soon another pathetic hunter will cowardly shoot his trophy to prove his manliness. Manlessness is more descriptive. The trusting big mane's hourglass would run empty. The pain of the ultimate deception will remain forever in his glassy eyes. We left. 

But I left something behind. Something that looked straight into my soul. Something that made me feel ashamed of being a human. I took the guilt on me. I had to undo some of the injustice. We have to change the industry. We have to stop the hunter. The demanders. The suppliers will keep supplying as long as there is a demand. We cant go and rescue all the cubs bred for canned hunting. Unfortunately not. But those beautiful eyes will haunt me forever. They could read my soul. I read their silent S.O.S. masked by contentment. 
April 2016.... "Today, in just 7 days, we have raised all the funds, (we have amazing people believing in our cause, so we raised the money in only 5 hours!) we payed for them, and have their permits in our hands. We rescued 3 little lion cubs from a certain death. Theír destiny was written on óur wall. We are content for now. But somewhere hidden deep inside, guilt and regret for not rescuing the others! "

Stay in touch for more pictures and videos of the 3 cubs. Their story will have many chapters....

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